What is a care home?!
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A care home is basically a public residential centre, where workers can provide the residents to people with the personal care they need on daily basis i.e. helping them to wash, to use the bathroom and to get dress. Some of the care homes also offer nursing care to their clients, with the availability of medically trained staff in order to help those with bigger needs.

Services offered in care homes

The residential care homes in Birmingham and care home Solihull usually offer supervised care, activities, health management and meals. Some of the necessary services offered in care homes are as follows:

  • The care homes usually provide comfortable private rooms to their clients.

  • The care homes provide home cooked meals to their clients.

  • A complete laundry service and housekeeping service is also available to customers.

  • There is a proper medication management available to customers.

  • The care homes include some of the social programs and activities for their members so they may not get bore.

  • A complete availability of transportation to doctor's appointments is provided to the customer in order to save them from any inconvenience.

Nearly all the care homes centers contain supervisors and experts who will keep a proper eye on each member (i.e. children, adult etc) so that they can live in healthy atmosphere and play in a caring environment.

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